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Measure your swing from the ground – BodiTrak gives real time data on a how a golfer interacts with the ground and insight on how to improve.

Identify flaws in your swing and see improvements in real time. By understanding your body’s interaction with the ground and ball, the BodiTrak system allows you to unlock new parts of your game.

The Boditrak helps us answer two very important questions in the golf swing:

  • How does your pressure move throughout your golf swing?
  • When do those movements take place?

    The BodiTrak can help correct faults in set-up, and during all the keys parts of your swing. Using the BodiTrak mat we will improve your pressure movement so that you can improve the power and consistency of your golf swing. This technology is available during every lesson.

    For further information visit boditrakgolf.com

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