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TrackMan has an amazing library of over 280 courses to choose from - Muirfield, St Andrews, Valderrama, Royal Portrush to name just a few, an hour or two with your mates will fly in.

Alternatively if your are interested in optimising you driver carry distances TrackMan offers unparalleled precision.

TrackMan tracks the complete shot trajectory, accurately pinpointing the landing position within a foot at 100 yards. Real-time data, including 3D shot trajectories and 26 impact and ball flight parameters, is delivered within 1 second of impact.

Driver Optimisation

Is it possible to gain 20 yards without swinging any harder or spending huge sums of money on the latest driver? Well if you can optimise your launch conditions with your driver those gains are possible.

TrackMan can measure and compare the angle of attack, spin loft, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and height. With this information a number of set-up changes and fitting adjustments can be made to improve your efficiency and ultimately your yardages.

The power of TrackMan is that it not only measures the details that matter in how your club affects the flight of the ball, but the software makes comparisons between your shots and what would be “optimal” given the club and your swing speed.

Club Yardages and Gapping

In order to play good golf and score consistently, it is important that you know how far you hit each club. Obviously weather conditions play and major part in these outcomes but TrackMan has the ability to factor in many of these outside variables.

By recording both carry and total distance for each club as well as your ½ and ¾ yardages with wedges you can then take the guesswork out of picking a club for a given yardage. Therefore, giving you the confidence to select the right club and consequently improving your game.

For further information visit trackman.com

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