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Why does anyone take a golf lesson has a pretty simple answer - they want to improve!

However, there is more to golf than that - it creates a great opportunity for social interaction, where you can enjoy fresh air in a relaxing environment with family and friends leading to enhanced health and happiness.

From beginners to weekend warriors, SD Golf can help enhance your well being through golf. Contact us today and take a step closer to fulfilling your personal asperations.

Seamus: 077 1287 7849 Shaun: 077 3729 9331

Below are some testimonials from players we have worked with:


Darren Clarke (Open Champion, Ryder Cup Captain 2016)

"Seamus helps me keep my game on track - he understands my strengths and weaknesses. Seamus has the knack of saying the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. With Seamus's desire to help you accomplish your goals you always feel better about your game and achieve a positive outlook".


Brendan Edwards MBE (Director of Coaching Ulster Branch, Golfing Union of Ireland)

"For over 20 years Seamus Duffy been one of the main professional coaches in the Ulster Branch Coaching Scheme. During this time he has introduced many modern coaching methods and placed more emphasis on positive practice methods. He has shown me he has the skill and patience to teach and improve golfers at all levels and ages. All golfers no matter how skilled can be improved by a good coach".


Gareth Maybin (European Tour Player)

"Seamus is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have worked with and has a genuine desire to make you as good as you want to be. A very caring coach who takes great pride in his craft".


Ian Morrison (Gracehill G. C.)

The difference between a good coach and a great coach is communication and Seamus has the ability to always get his message across in a very positive manner. You always feel that if you put in the effort improvement will be the natural outcome.


Michael McGeady (Challenge & Europro Tour Player)

"Seamus has developed my game and improved my consistency. He has also addressed the challenges I faced with my short game to help me reach my potential".


Alan Dunbar (British Amateur Champion)

"I have worked with Seamus from when I was a junior all the way through to winning the British Amateur Championship and into the professional ranks. With his knowledge of the golf swing combined with his ability to communicate in a simple yet effective manner you have a combination which produces positive results".

Darren Clarke (Open Champion, Ryder Cup Captain 2016) Brendan Edwards MBE
(Director of Coaching Ulster Branch, Golfing Union of Ireland)
Gareth Maybin (European Tour Player) Ian Morrison (Gracehill G.C.)
Michael McGeady (Challenge & Europro Tour Player) Alan Dunbar (British Amateur Champion)